Places of Interest

St Marys East High School

One of the two high schools operated by the State Government in St Marys. In a true display of government parsimony and apathy, they have outsourced the school to Renraku Corporation. Renraku spends more on the school than it receives in government funding, expecting the rewards in cultural and corporate indoctrination and positive PR to exceed their expenditure. Its principal is Ms Mashashi.


St Marys West High School

The other high school in St Marys, run by Horizon Corporation, under similar circumstances to St Marys East. Its principal is Mr Pointer, a human technomancer from the UCAS.


The Garage

The place where Ashatosh works! Fill this in please, someone not me.


Neko-san's Tea House

Run by Kitty. Opened shortly after the attack on the Garage by the Ancients, this is a small, authentic Japanese-style tea house that also serves noodles and desserts. It's located near St Marys East High School and has a work experience program for the year 11 and 12 students.

Places of Interest

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